What a perfect day for a Garden Party! What a great Permaculture Garden Club Monash University – Clayton Campus have.

Thank you Rosie Welch in the Education Faculty for inviting our IoTKG team to share our work as part of the garden party MPG launch.

It was great to meet with a very diverse audience.

Bev did a great job entertaining the delegates with a very hands on worm activity from our “Wormer unit”.

We look forward to working closely with Monash Permaculture Club.

STEMMAD showcases Student, Teacher and Industry Led Innovation over 2 days at the Catholic Leadership Centre!

Wow! So inspired by the 93 School Teams showcasing how they can make a difference through STEM. 60 of these teams were from the Primary Sector! The student agency was off the charts! Many of the presentations focused on addressing the all-important sustainable development goals! Great Real-World Problems to be focusing on.

Today’s keynote by Andrew Douch to the Teachers was very inspiring and encouraging! If that was not enough the 120 Teachers in the room could choose to participate in 4 workshops that aligned to 4 different streams. Well done CEM! It was definitely MAD and I’m sure we’ll see long lasting impact!


Great day spent co-designing IoTKG curriculum with Industry Leaders, Education Leaders from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors, Undergraduate Engineers and a student from Secondary School.


Our IoTKG team were most appreciative to Olivia Illic, for facilitating a design thinking workshop with such flare last Friday at Monash University in the Teaching and Learning buidling. We were able to seed multiple projects that can now be further fleshed out. Looking forward to sharing the finished product in due course!


Well done to Global Table and Seeds and Chips for hosting Melbourne’s inaugural Global Food Innovation Summit!


Young and Older generations, Corporations and Start Ups, Communities and World Leaders explore how we might solve some of the World’s Most Complex Problems identified and agreed upon by the UN. These are commonly referred to as the 17 SDGs.


I was delighted to accompany students from Schools from across the nation prepared to share with delegates their desire to stand up and “make a difference”. These students were referred to as Teenovators.

It was so good to hear how World Leaders and Corporations are trying to address these 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are very real problems and it is so encouraging to hear what people are doing to make a difference. As John Kerry quoted Nelson Mandela, “It will always seem impossible until it gets done”. Great to be inspired by World Leaders making the time to invest not only in increasing awareness but supporting young people to focus on such important issues such as Climate Change, World Hunger, Waste and so much more.

10 students from Cornish College, Flinders Christian College and Brentwood Secondary College were amongst the Teenovators that addressed delegates by way of introduction to keynote speakers and panels that were hosted over 3 days. These three schools are participating in the IoTKG pilot.


Gemma Wildermuth was extended an impromptu invitation to join one the panels. It would be great to see more collaborations with Industry and Education on how we can address these Sustainable Development Goals. It was great seeing the SDGs on every stage as a constant reminder of how we might be able to make a difference.

A huge thank you to the Schools and their Teachers for supporting their students to be involved in what should become an annual event. A very empowering Summit that can’t help but inspire a call to action.

IoTKG welcomes 12 new Schools to the Pilot!

Great to be hosted Thursday and Friday of last week by 3 of the new Schools. All Schools are connected and collecting data!

Thank you to Huntingtower School, Brentwood Secondary College and Woodleigh Minimbah for hosting the 3 Cluster Meetings.


It was great to have Josie Charles as guest from Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation join our Cluster 3 meeting at Woodleigh Minimbah.

Thank you to St Macartans Parish Primary School for hosting a cluster workshop for staff from Flinders Christian College and Woodleigh Minimbah.

Thank you Carmela for the lunch that included fresh produce from the kitchen garden featured in the photos below. These happy students pictured below love their kitchen garden program.


Great to have new schools joining our IoTKG pilot.

Thank you to Korowa Anglican Girls School for hosting a cluster workshop for staff from St Leonard’s Primary School, Huntingtower School and St Joseph’s Hawthorn.

We are working with a diverse groups of schools that represent Government, Independent, and Catholic Schools at both Primary and Secondary levels. All Schools have gardens and programs that represent all stages of development from just getting started to very established programs.