Great to spend the morning catching up with Teachers and Students at Bialik College and Our Holy Redeemer School.

So inspiring to spend the morning hearing how Teachers and Students have been able to connect technology with their love for gardening. These students were able to articulate the role data can play in making informed decisions in their garden. Moreover, they were seeing the role data can play in decision making in other settings. 

A real delight to see the engagement both Teachers and Students have for these real-world applications.

Looking forward to catching up with Teachers and Students from Flinder’s Christian College and Boneo Primary School tomorrow!

Here what the students have been learning about through their school’s participation in IoTKG.

Thank you to St Leonard’s PS for sharing this video

Thank you to St Mark’s PS for sharing this video

Thank you Black Rock PS for sharing a presentation on how you’ve taught the students about Data through IoTKG.


Instant Garden! Our Holy Redeemer PS in Surrey Hills welcomes students and families to build their new Kitchen Garden in just a few hours!

Melissa Dioguardi, IoTKG Leader and Teacher at Our Holy Redeemer PS invites families and locals to help install 9 Biofilta Food Cubes.

Melissa wastes no time in inserting the soil moisture probe provided by Monash Uni.

These Food Cubes are state of the art wicking beds made from recycled chip packaging. They use much less water than traditional gardens and should be a great investment as the school take a summer break.

Here is the old vege patch. It will be interesting to compare yields from each garden.





Today Cornish College with the help of Monash engineering undergraduates, Emily Kuo and Akash Ramaswamy set up automated watering of their Kitchen Gardens in time for the summer break.

The watering is triggered by a soil moisture sensor using a commercially available link tap.

For the past 6 months, students in Grade 4 have been monitoring seasonal data. Now they can see first-hand the benefits of precision watering of their Kitchen Garden.

IoTKG pilot schools enjoy a tour of the Monash Permaculture Garden at the last workshop collective hosted in the Monash Teaching and Learning Building at the Clayton Campus.

A huge thank you to Anthony Speranza of St Marks PS Dingley and Adam Littlehales of Black Rock PS for sharing how they are applying IoTKG in their own schools.

Students at St Marks PS have been studying water in Term 4. We were delighted to hear that our IoTKG moisture sensors were able to contribute to decision making that led to more efficient watering of their Kitchen Garden.

Some reflections from our IoTKG Leaders on how IoTKG is impacting their students.

IoTKG Podcast recorded at Carrum PS

Many thanks to Marcus Mulchay for producing this podcast without any forewarning in our last collective IoTKG workshop.

Marcus, is a distinguished Digitech Educator and recipient of a Churchill Scholarship in 2017. He used this opportunity to visit Makerspaces in the US.


Marcus is also Winner of the DLTV Digitech Educator Award in 2018.

What a perfect day for a Garden Party! What a great Permaculture Garden Club Monash University – Clayton Campus have.

Thank you Rosie Welch in the Education Faculty for inviting our IoTKG team to share our work as part of the garden party MPG launch.

It was great to meet with a very diverse audience.

Bev did a great job entertaining the delegates with a very hands on worm activity from our “Wormer unit”.

We look forward to working closely with Monash Permaculture Club.

STEMMAD showcases Student, Teacher and Industry Led Innovation over 2 days at the Catholic Leadership Centre!

Wow! So inspired by the 93 School Teams showcasing how they can make a difference through STEM. 60 of these teams were from the Primary Sector! The student agency was off the charts! Many of the presentations focused on addressing the all-important sustainable development goals! Great Real-World Problems to be focusing on.

Today’s keynote by Andrew Douch to the Teachers was very inspiring and encouraging! If that was not enough the 120 Teachers in the room could choose to participate in 4 workshops that aligned to 4 different streams. Well done CEM! It was definitely MAD and I’m sure we’ll see long lasting impact!