As of this week schools participating in the new IoTKG pilot will now be using sensors to measure temperature, humidity, soil moisture and light in their school kitchen gardens.

All schools are teaching students as young as Grade 3 about seasonality. They will use this data to make more informed choices about what and when they should grow their vegetables.

Teachers working in small hub across schools

Later in the pilot we will focus on other themes such as water and soil health.

Akash, an engineering undergraduate is showing teachers how to install such equipment in their gardens so they can monitor such conditions in real time.


In the session schools are also learning about contemporary ways of collaborating both on and off line. Their collective work will be shared in the “cloud” and schools will collaborate online.

Some early samples from Year 3 and 4

Some pictures taken in various schools’ kitchen gardens

Bialik College

Cornish College

Boneo Primary School

If you teach in a school that might have an interest in joining a second cohort you can register your interest via the School’s Page.

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