The IoTKG Journey Begins

On the 6th December, Cornish College was host to our first Design Thinking Workshop. We were joined by representatives from 9 different schools that have an interest in becoming a “pilot” school. We were delighted to have schools that represent a diverse cohort.

A highlight was the student collaboration. Engineering students from Monash University and pilot schools demonstrated to teaching delegates how technology can be implemented in their schools’ kitchen gardens.

After Professor Bernd Meyer provided delegates with an overview of IoTKG, the engineering undergraduates provided examples of what schools could expect from partnering with Monash University through participation as a pilot school.


Bev Laing, Writer and Publisher, facilitated a workshop on possible projects that schools could partner with. In Term 1 of 2019 we will be co-designing with pilot schools, curriculum that can be shared with other schools keen to implement such technology in their schools.

We look forward to sharing this exciting work on our blog early next year!

If you work in or with a school that might be interested in our work, please do not hesitate to contact Luke Kerr.

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