Internet-of-Things Kitchen Gardens

IoTKG is a flexible, free, and open access program that delivers STEM education and digital technologies education in an authentic learning context. 

The program was born from the need to foster an attitude of evidence-based decision making in early education already and to teach the skills to act on this attitude. Far beyond just delivering STEM skills, the program aims to contribute to laying foundations for informed citizenship that works towards a sustainable future.

IoTKG stands for “Internet-of-Things Kitchen Gardens”. The context in which the program is embedded is a school’s kitchen garden. Students study how to use objective data to improve sustainable gardening practices and how to automatically collect relevant data using adequate technology. They learn about the important role that IT plays in doing this and how to use and build technology that empowers them to do so (Sensors and the Internet-of-Things). The school’s kitchen garden provides an ideal micro-cosmos to develop these skills. In many ways, the students engage in a miniature version of sustainable Smart Agriculture.

For the participating schools and students this program has provided important connections between education activities in Sustainability, STEM, Gardening and Digital Technologies.

See the program in action and hear how much participating students love it in the video above.

We provide all resources for an effortless start of the program for free. However, the program is open-ended and structured in such a way that you can vary and extend it to suit your school and its needs. 

If you are interested in deploying the program in your own school or if you would like to become involved in extending it, please contact us via the contact form.

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